Has Your UK Flight Been Delayed for 3 Hours or More?

Are you a resident of the UK who has traveled on an airline in the past 6 years?

If you answered yes to this questions, then we must ask you this…

Has your flight been delayed for 3 hours or more in the past 6 years? 

Flight Delayed in the UK

If so, then the picture above unfortunately will look familiar to you! But… we have some good news for you because there’s something you may not be aware of.

If your UK flight has been delayed for 3 hours or more, you may be eligible to claim up to £510 per passenger as compensation! Claims can be made for flight delays, denied boarding, flight cancellation, and more!

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A Journey Through The Grand Cayman Islands

Grand Cayman Islands Water

The Cayman Islands, made popular for their unbelievable diving, white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and all year Caribbean sunlight, are made up of 3 different islands. Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman; a fuse of Caribbean attraction and American efficiency made total with an inevitable charm from the friendly residents who will welcome you anytime. Very little, the overall landmass of the 3 islands is just 100 square miles, the grand Cayman Islands uses you the finest of all worlds.

Cayman Islands weather condition is nearly perfect year round. The islands are cooled by the prevailing trade winds however don’t let this fool you, take the sun in small doses and always use lots of sun block, a hat and sunglasses. Given the beautiful Cayman Islands weather condition, do be aware that it does periodically rain there!

One of the important things that you will experience on the Cayman islands, is world class dining. With over 150 places to eat that range from classy great dining to spending plan junk food and secure, there is something for everybody. Traditional Cayman cuisine has a strong Jamaican influence. Standard dishes feature seafood cooked in a variety of methods, lobster and conch. Regional dishes are typically served with coconut, plantain, yams, rice and peas, along with other West Indian side meals. You can also find numerous other alternative choices that include; Italian, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, German therefore many others! Keep in mind that a lot of hotels include a 5-10% service charge and lots of dining establishments add a 10-15% service charge but some do not when it comes to tipping. It’s finest to inspect your expense to see if the service has actually been added and don’t hesitate to reward those who give exactly what you feel is remarkable service.

Shopping and night life; there is definitely no scarcity on the Grand Cayman islands! You will discover a wide variety of nightlife and home entertainment from dynamic bars, to seeing live global and local bands carry out, to pool halls, lounges and the theatre. Bars, dancehalls and clubs close at 3am throughout the weekdays, midnight on Saturdays and there are no bars open on Sundays. When you show up, you will have the ability to discover local informative publications, free of charge that will list all the unique occasions and current happenings on the islands. The Cayman Islands delight in tax complimentary status which likewise indicates they have responsibility free status. You will be able to find items such as great jewellery, watches, crystal, fragrances and china that can be as much as 30% cheaper there. One of the very best places to shop remains in the capitol of George Town in Grand Cayman, it is the home of one of the nicest shopping centers in the Caribbean! The local currency is the Cayman Islands dollar and it is comparable to $1.25 USD. It is a fixed currency exchange rate and never ever changes. American currency is usually accepted, in addition to all major charge card, and the CI dollar.

There are lots of options for getting around on the Grand Cayman Islands; taxis, public transport, car rentals to scooters and mopeds. Leasings are readily offered from Grand Cayman while there are more minimal numbers of them on Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. Cars and truck leasings can be reserved prior to showing up on Grand Cayman and it is recommended to do so during the winter season months.

The Cayman Islands have so much to offer and has unparalleled beauty under the sea due to their safeguarded Marine Parks. You can easily see why numerous individuals recognize their dreams here and love visiting this tropical paradise.

The Cayman Islands, made well-known for their incredible diving, white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and year round Caribbean sunshine, are made up of 3 different islands. Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman; a fuse of Caribbean appeal and American efficiency made total with an inevitable appeal from the friendly residents who will welcome you anytime. Extremely small, the overall landmass of the 3 islands is just 100 square miles, the grand Cayman Islands uses you the finest of all worlds.

There are lots of alternatives for getting around on the Grand Cayman Islands; taxis, public transport, car rentals to scooters and mopeds. Leasings are readily available from Grand Cayman while there are more limited numbers of them on Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. Interested in learning more about Grand Cayman? Make sure to pick up a copy of the 6 Hour Guide to Grand Cayman. This cool new travel guide gets rid of the headache of trying to choose the perfect excursion for your Grand Cayman trip.

10 Things Not To Do On A Cruise Vacation

Whether it’s your 1st time sailing or you’re a veteran of the seas, cruises may be a bit difficult to figure out. The top ships are like floating towns, filled with eateries, pubs, live performances, health clubs, and other perks to enjoy on your journey. That being said, it’s easy to get sucked into the endless range of options, meaning you can waste time and money on some costly gimmicks if you don’t know better. Follow this particular advice on what not to do, and your next cruise vacation will be a truly relaxing journey.

1. Don’t Overindulge on the Specialty Restaurants

Recently, more and more celebrity gourmet chefs have entered the gangway, arranging sea-based branches of their land-based empires, and the final results are decidedly mixed. The fanfare and price (averaging about $30–$40 each for a three-course meal) of many of these entrees do not always equal the value provided. Why spend up to $40 when the menus at the included dining rooms are just as competitive? The major dining room is included in the basic fare and offers a revolving menu, often with big-ticket choices, for instance, lobster night and filet mignon. Astonishingly, you’ll find the quality on par with the specialty eating places and a standard of service met ship-wide. While a night or two in a specialty restaurant provides a nice change of surroundings, don’t overspend eating at all of them.

2. Don’t Schedule Spa Treatments on the Ship

The very first day on any cruise is always the craziest for the spa, as dozens of men and women attempt to schedule massages, facial treatments, and other specialized treatments. Research the spa’s services and make your reservation beforehand, prior to boarding, to ensure placement and avoid the long queue that forms at the reception area. If you’re shopping for some extended relaxation for the duration of your voyage, go with a spa pass, but because quantities are limited, make the reservation before boarding.

3. If a Concert is Sold Out, Don’t Worry

You can only plan so much on a trip before it starts to feel hectic. With mainstage comedy shows, concerts, and Broadway-style performances onboard, most cruise lines push you to reserve your spot beforehand, usually requiring guests to stand in long queues to book. Take comfort in knowing that for all of these must-see events, spontaneity is encouraged with a standby line that forms about thirty minutes prior to curtain. These temporary lines are practically a guarantee into the night’s entertainment, as a large portion of those who have reserved their spot are absences. Don’t fret because you didn’t book beforehand; grab a cocktail and relax in the queue.

4. Don’t Be Fooled By the Fancy Health Club

The fitness facilities on cruise lines often feature state-of-the-art exercise equipment and panoramic views of the sea. Yet it’s good to remember that the trainers at your side are there to sell the cruise’s health products. Stay skeptical of the health regimes and any sort of trick to a much healthier being. The major goal is get you to invest in expensive health programs that often tout extreme weight-loss and wellness through natural herbal dietary supplements. Invest your hard earned money on a fitness class instead and save your skepticism for a local trainer or nutritionist.


5. Don’t Skip Breakfast in the Morning

Throughout your cruise, the best way to arrange for a wake-up call is to order room service the night prior– easiest on a printed menu to specify specialty requests. Your custom omelet and fresh baked sweets start the day off right as you’re awoken by a knock on your cabin door. Note that room service is cut off the morning of arrival at your final port. When you arrive at your final destination, take note of the breakfast choices and seize the opportunity for one final meal. You can’t take any food off the ship, per customs regulations, so be sure to gobble up enough onboard.

6. Don’t Limit Yourself to Shore Excursions

Colorful leaflets and brochures fill each ship with eye-catching excursions that promise adventure, exploration, and discovery within the span of several hours. Often costly and underwhelming, it’s usually the beach tours that vary widest in value. While all ports are unique, many in the Caribbean dock a few miles from the more preferred beaches. Look for the sand on your own accord with the help of a locally governed taxi cab, lined up at the port for a fraction of the cost of a guided tour (and be sure to make plans with your driver for a return trip after your fun ends). It is crucial to note that when you buy into the official cruise excursions, the cruise doesn’t depart until you’re on board– not the same policy when you venture off on your own. Just be sure to keep an eye on the clock and anticipate rush hour traffic.

7. Don’t Shop in Port Shops

Brought to life upon the ship’s arrival, port cities thrive on the 1000s of tourists that leap off the ship needing fine jewelry, souvenirs, and a taste of local bargaining. Well-tread salespeople know the score and have a predisposition for fabricating truths to make the sale. For the best bargains on souvenirs and local goods, avoid the inner-port stores, as their premium rent costs are passed on to the potential customer. Look up stalls and shops in the town hall for a wider variety of genuine goods at reduced prices.

8. Don’t Leave Your Balcony Door Open

It’s nice to have a balcony in your cabin– you can absorb the sunrise and sunset, enjoy room service waterside, and get the best views of the day’s port in privacy. But when you’re not in the cabin or when you’re going to bed for the night, ensure you close your balcony door. Though the lull of the waves might be hard to withstand, there is a real hazard in leaving the doors open as insects, bad weather, and wind tunnels can possibly be dangerous. It’s an industry specification that balcony doors remain shut for those reasons, aside from preventing wasted energy.

9. Don’t Play Bingo

Age-old cruise endeavors such as shuffleboard, table tennis, and hot tubs remain steadfast musts on every cruise. A word to the pennywise: Many ships’ bingo operations have lost their attraction. Introducing a new era of highly advanced gaming, many cruise ships have installed electronic bingo game cards that operate automatically. With the machine taking control of your board, the players listlessly sit there, expecting their machine to alert them of a winning card. Effortless, and remarkably expensive per game, you’re better taking the cash you’d spend on bingo and playing it in the casino, where there’s the high-tech slot and a lively atmosphere machines grow more interactive by the year.

10. Don’t Get Your Teeth Whitened

Among the various enticing spa treatments that are standard on every cruise ship, be leery of the teeth-whitening packages that assure to brighten your smile. There’s conjecture over their effectiveness, but more importantly, the bleach used can affect your gums’ sensitivity for a couple days after the treatment. With compromised gums, cruise enjoyment plummets as the endless food options become painful to eat. If you’re looking for a quick cosmetic fix at the spa, opt for one of the eyebrow specialists to transform your face, or a spray tan that will offer a healthy-looking base for your skin.

Disney World Tip: The Rider Switch Pass

Going to Walt Disney World with a toddler? Have a little one who can’t ride? Check out the Riders Switch Pass.

If your child or toddler is too small to ride a ride (a great example would be Soarin’), and the rest of the family wants to go on the ride, you DO NOT have to skip this ride. Go to the ride with your family and let a cast member know that that you need a rider switch pass. With a rider switch pass, your whole family is able to go on the ride.

Have one parent and said small child wait outside while the rest of your group goes through the line like normal. Once again just make sure to let the cast member know you are doing Rider Switch.

The Disney cast member will give you thisRider Switch Pass which is similar to a Fast Pass. How is works is that one family member goes on the ride. After that adult goes on the ride, he or she exits. The second adult can then ride with up to 2 other people. With this pass, everyone gets to ride and you DO NOT have to wait in line twice!!!

For even more Walt Disney World tips, make sure to visit http://www.dwvacationsecrets.com/blog

Helpful Tips for Your First Trip to Walt Disney World

Disney World Tips

If you’ve never been to Disneyland or Disney World before, you may not know what to expect. Well let us tell you this, Disney World is huge! Like massive think of it being its own city. Walt Disney World has 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, an ESPN sports complex, two malls, and a variety of other dining and entertainment options. There’s even over 25+ hotels just in Disney!

When you purchase a ticket to a Disney World park, only the theme parks are included in your ticket price. In this article we will discuss some helpful tips to navigate Disney World for your first time.

Park Hopper Passes:

You don’t need a Park Hopper pass if you’re only planning on visiting Walt Disney World. Each Disney park has a huge parking lot and the 4 theme parks are NOT within walking distance of each other. You’ll burn precious daylight hopping from one park to another on the same day. While you may be able to visit say Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom on the same day, we’d recommend staying one full day atleast in Walt Disney World. If you’re looking for Park Hopper tickets, Best of Orlando features deals from time to time. Click Here to check out their Park Hopper deals.

Staying On Property or Off at Disney:

Whether to stay on or off property at Walt Disney World is going to be a huge decision when making your trip to Walt Disney World. We would recommend staying off property on your Disney trip if your family is on a budge. Staying off property will help save you money especially if you plan on going to multiple Disney World parks.

Staying at Disney resorts do have some advantages though. Because Disney has over 25 resorts, the prices of each resort will vary greatly. Depending on the time of year, there will usually be an on property resort that will fit your budget. When you stay on property, you will be closer to the parks and you will receive complimentary parking and transportation. You may also receive early FastPass+ reservation options and extra Magic Hours that give you early or late access to the parks with smaller crowds.

Understanding FastPass+:

It is extremely important to understand FastPass+ before you go to Walt Disney World. This will save you hours of having to wait on lines with Disney representatives. FastPass+ is a Disney ride/attraction reservation system. Alot of the popular attractions and rides at Walt Disney World have 2 lines: a standby line and a FastPass+ line. When you have a FastPass a Disney World, you generally spend 15-20 minutes in line. When you go standby, your wait depends on how many people are in front of you. On a very popular ride, this wait could be up to 2 hours and let me tell you this, you DO NOT want to wait for that long especially if it’s hot out. If you own a smart phone we’d recommend downloading the My Disney Experience app at https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/plan/my-disney-experience/mobile-apps/ this app will help you if you’re going to be using FastPass+ and need to make any updates for your trip.

Using Your Magic Bands:

If you are going to be staying on property at a Disney resort, you’ll have magic bands. The MagicBands bracelets are electronic and they provide you with a way to keep track of your park tickets and FastPasses. Note: this will also be your room key for an on property Disney resort.

Character Meals:Disney World Character Meals

Character meals are extremely popular with children. If you want to go with a character meal, you MUST make a reservation. These fill up extremely quickly and you want to book as early as possibly {we’re talking weeks sometimes months before depending on when you’re visiting}. For a list of restaurants with character meals, you can visit http://www.dwvacationsecrets.com/blog/disney-world-character-meals/

Fine Dining:

Like the character meals, you must make reservations for the full service restaurants inside of a Disney World park.

The “FREE” Dining Plan:

The “Free” Disney Dining Plan is not actually free. You can get room-only discounts at Disney around 30% off quite often. If you go with this free dining plan, you are forgoing this discount in order to receive Free Dining.

Disney World Vacation Planners:

In Disney language, a travel agent is called an “Authorized Disney Vacation Planner.” You can use these agents to help book and plan your trip. This is an awesome way to save time and stress, and it doesn’t cost you anything! These agents get their commission from Disney, so the authorized planners won’t charge you for booking or helping you plan your Disney World trip. You can request Disney World quotes at http://www.beourguestvacations.com/request-a-quote/walt-disney-world/

FREE Buttons:

If you are celebrating a birthday or some other special occasion, make sure to pick up a FREE button at your resort or in the parks from Guest Services. You may receive special treatment from cast members if you are wearing your button. If you are looking to trade pins with the cast members at Disney, these deal from Amazon will help you save money https://www.amazon.com/Disney-Trading-Lapel-Collector-Pins/dp/B01GDPA0PU/ref=as_li_ss_tl?s=toys-and-games&ie=UTF8&qid=1493734997&sr=1-1&keywords=disney+pin+trading&linkCode=ll1&tag=onlireba-20&linkId=543dccc36984414dfa982eaeaeab3f98 this is going to be a difference between spending less that a dollar per pin as opposed to $8-10 per pin at the park.

Stay 30 Minutes After Closing:

There are very few people who know about the “Kiss Goodnight”. The Kiss Goodnight is a little over 2-minutes long, and it is the Magic Kingdom’s way of saying “goodbye” to guests at the end of a long day. This generally plays every half hour after the park closes. It will start with the Cinderella Castle twinkling. This only happens at the Magic Kingdom and you’ll be able to see it from main street.


Hopefully the tips above will help you on your first Disney World trip. Overall if you have never visited Disney World, you should atleast try to have a rough idea of what you want to do. Because there is so much to do at Disney, you don’t want to miss out on anything! For more Disney World Tips, check out http://www.dwvacationsecrets.com/blog

If you’re looking for a great physical book to have on your hands at the park then we recommend the 2018 Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World. You can get this guide on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Unofficial-Guide-Disney-World-Guides/dp/1628090677/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&qid=1518153105&sr=8-1&keywords=unofficial+guide+to+walt+disney+world+2018&linkCode=ll1&tag=onlireba-20&linkId=299f11c35040fb868ec2ec1610686512