Disney World Tip: The Rider Switch Pass

Going to Walt Disney World with a toddler? Have a little one who can’t ride? Check out the Riders Switch Pass.

If your child or toddler is too small to ride a ride (a great example would be Soarin’), and the rest of the family wants to go on the ride, you DO NOT have to skip this ride. Go to the ride with your family and let a cast member know that that you need a rider switch pass. With a rider switch pass, your whole family is able to go on the ride.

Have one parent and said small child wait outside while the rest of your group goes through the line like normal. Once again just make sure to let the cast member know you are doing Rider Switch.

The Disney cast member will give you thisRider Switch Pass which is similar to a Fast Pass. How is works is that one family member goes on the ride. After that adult goes on the ride, he or she exits. The second adult can then ride with up to 2 other people. With this pass, everyone gets to ride and you DO NOT have to wait in line twice!!!

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