Lose Weight with Shaun T’s Focus T25 Workout Program

Focus T25 is a DVD workout series from Shaun T, the personal trainer who created the Insanity video workout series.

His T25 course is an intense full-body routine, just like Insanity or P90X. For those of us who are too busy to spare 45 minutes or an hour at a time to work out, T25 packs all the benefits of a full-length program into just 25 minutes a day.

The Focus T25 course is composed of 10 distinct 25-minute physical workouts. You start with the Alpha phase, that includes five workouts:

– Cardio
– Speed 1.0
– Total body circuit
– Ab intervals
– Lower focus

You do one workout a day for 4 days, and 2 workout sessions on the 5th day. You skip a day and do a stretching video on the 7th day.

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